Digital Marketing


Custom built web sites to suit your needs and size of your business. Our content writers will create a unique, compelling digital store front that can be found easily and is mobile responsive.

Search Engine Optomisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will allow you to lay a solid foundation that will promote and elevate your organic ranking on the major Search Engine results page. Combining this strategy with SEM and you will have a winning combination against your competitors.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) puts you in front of prospective customers when they are actively searching for a business that provides products and services for what they need. SEM is the fastest way to rank higher in the Search results. Ask Us How

Social Media

We can create your social media presence across multiple platforms as a once off setup or engage us to update your pages weekly. This will help you gain more likes driving a fan base of new customers to your website. Ask us how we can create a cost effective plan for your business and measure ROI.

Banner Advertising

Also known as Banner ads , these highly visible advertisements used to only be an option for big business . Ask us how we can have your banner found on websites, mobiles and social media at a reasonable price that all businesses can now afford. If you need to Drive your BRAND – Banner Ads are highly visible in creating effective awareness campaigns.

Free Digital Audit

 At Add Nett we are happy to review your digital marketing strategy and campaigns for FREE. We keep your information confidential. If you’re currently running the campaigns yourself or have another agency doing it for you, and are wondering if you’re maximizing your opportunities…….

Simply give us a call and our digital experts will analyse your current campaigns and their potential.

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